Operational Performance and Energy Efficiency

for Water Potabilization and Wastewater Treatment

WWP - Integrated Solutions for Water and Wastewater Treatment

  • Engineering and design of water treatment plants (WTP's) and wastewater treatment plants (WWTP's) and their units;
  • Various equipment and components, standardized and custom made, for new units or for units to be retrofited or revamped (our own production);
  • Compact treatment units, of the modular type, designed to expand the treatment capacity and/or increase the efficiency of existing WTP's or WWTP's, even allowing to create a new treatment plant;
  • Rehabilitation and improvement of efficiency and performance of existing units in WTP's and WWTP's, of any geometry: activated sludge reactors, aerated or anaerobic lagoons, conventional and high rate clarifiers, biological filters of any type (trickling, submerged aerated, anaerobic, anoxic -type);
  • Field services: supervision of assembly and installation, commissioning and assisted operation, etc.;
  • Representation of equipment for water and wastewater treatment: components for MBBR systems, aeration systems, sludge stabilization and disinfection, foam removal without consumables, lagoons, among other.

Our Mission

To develop, to produce and to commercialize solutions that integrate engineering, products and services which effectively solve problems, raise the standard of water/wastewater treatment in South America and promote awareness for the protection and conservation of water, ensuring the creation of value and the sustainability of the business.

Our Vision

To be a reference company, recognized for the innovation and excellence of the solutions we create and for the quality of our products, services and relationships toward customers and suppliers.

Our Values

  • Innovation, quality and responsibility.
  • Solution and customer focus.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Commitment and to growth and results.
  • Continuous improvement with passion.

About 2G Engineering and Services

2G appears on the market as a response to the growing demand for customized solutions for water and wastewater treatment, both in the design phase and in the execution of sanitation infrastructure works, with a special focus on solid-liquid separation processes by gravity and biological filtration by adhered biomass. 2G operated in several projects throughout all South America.